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Forced Convalescence

by Bright Eyes

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Forced convalescence and bed rest Staring contest With the ceiling and my feet Was momentarily conscious Of the backflips I’ve been doing in my sleep I’m not afraid of the future Have to suffer and repeat I tend to agree What happens will be Pain of my own making Cut short by eternity Now I’ve recovered completely Life is easy Hula-hooping around the sun The calendar’s little boxes All these presents Get to open every one I’ll be prepared for the winter And the summer And beyond Just keep tagging along Until the feeling is gone Amazed by the haystack Needle to oblivion In a daze In the doorway I stood crying for what was In a trance In a taxi Just keep driving please don’t stop Out of the neighborhood, the multiverse Iron and rust Went out of town for the weekend With my children Built sandcastles in the sun Catastrophizing my birthday Turning forty Ending up like everyone There’s no escaping the housework Or the bank clerk Or the priest They’re waiting for me In my Egyptian sheets The Seroquel’s working It’s fighting my fantasies In the dark At a distance I see everything at once Feel the wind Through the window And I’m overcome with love Inter-dimensional, no obstacles Mountains and dust
Getting dressed for a date Put on blue aftershave Wore a kilt like a Celt Hid the way that I felt Combat boots fallen leaves West Village Halloween To a Bollywood song Taking shots ‘til we’re gone Unwelcome in the autumn Persona Non Grata I’m the last of the best I’m your thoughts in the swamp There’s a playground of children In the shadows of buildings There’s a line out the church Where your homelessness works Where the stain glass of crimson Meets Ezekiel’s Visions Saw a valley of bones Where no man shall be saved And now you, you come to me, asking that And now you, you come to me, and you’re asking that Oh how can we reconcile? Left your innocence there In Tiananmen Square You were filled with despair Underfed and depressed Vacant lot where a prison stood God knows you never would Lie to yourself But you do every time Made a life of deception And passive aggression Going to scream when I sing Going to die in the rain Turn me on You’re a knockout Climb up on to my cloud Do your worst to me now Before I change my mind And now you, you want to be true, to me once again And you want me to be true, to you once again Oh yeah you, you want to be true, to me once again And you want me to be true, to you once again


released April 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Bright Eyes Omaha, Nebraska

Bright Eyes are the Omaha, Nebraska based band consisting of Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis, and Nathaniel Walcott.


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